For over thirty years, Northwood Ventures has been a leading venture capital and private equity investor. Partnering with experienced, successful management teams, we invest at all stages of a company’s growth. Our long-term investment horizon, entrepreneurial orientation, and collaborative approach make us a unique and attractive partner for deserving management teams.


We look at opportunities not checklists. It’s in our DNA to find new ways to help our partners create value; we roll up our sleeves, and with no red tape and no committees, move quickly with creative solutions.


A partnership isn’t just a deal, it’s a relationship. We’ve found that by actively collaborating with our management teams we’re able to open more doors, forge smarter solutions, and build greater successes together.


Northwood is among the most experienced firms in the private equity industry and our principals have been together for decades. We have invested in over 175 companies across a wide array of industries. This experience enables us to work outside the box and generate better results.


We are structured as an evergreen fund and not restricted by expiration dates. Our patient approach gives our partners the time they need to succeed, often far beyond the typical five-year horizon.


Our intentions are clear and our word is strong. It’s who we are and what we do; we only work with partners with similar ideals. Without it, there can be no partnership.


We participate actively with management on strategic issues, including long-term planning, acquisitions and executive recruitment. Our excellent relationships with highly regarded professionals in many venture capital, private equity, independent sponsor, legal, banking and consulting firms, greatly benefit our portfolio companies.