Anterix, Inc., Woodland Park, NJ, is focused on empowering the modernization of critical infrastructure and enterprise business communications by enabling broadband connectivity. As the largest holder of licensed 900 MHz spectrum, Anterix is currently pursuing a regulatory proceeding that seeks the realignment of the 900 MHz band, allowing it to be deployed for broadband networks. In 2014, Anterix completed a $218 million equity raise and acquired nationwide 900 MHz licenses from Sprint Corporation. The company is led by the same management team that led two previous Northwood portfolio companies. Northwood led an early stage financing in 2004 and participated in several follow-on financings thereafter. In 2015, Anterix’s common stock began trading on NASDAQ and Anterix raised an additional $65 million in follow-on offering. In 2019 Anterix completed a $100MM secondary offering. (NASDAQ: ANTX)

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